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The Earth BioGenome Project plans to DNA sequence all life

A group of scientists headed by professor Harris A. Lewin, plans to sequence the genomes of all life on Earth.

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CRISPR’s potential to improve the farmed salmon seems both big and promising, but fish farmers leave decision to consumer trust


Amidst great enthusiasm for the new revolutionary gene-edit technique CRISPR, Norwegian salmon farmers will not touch the new technology without consumer consent.

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A troubled saga about marine researchers, politicians, and the industry

A heated quarrel between marine researchers and the government over the past months raises doubts about what Norwegian politicians really think about the independence of research.

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The first GMO salmon was engineered in Norway

Years before AquaBounty started working on their now approved GE-salmon, Norwegian genetic engineers created a GMO salmon by implanting growth hormone genes into salmon eggs. The Norwegian research projects were stopped by priests and politicians, and the salmon destroyed.  The story of the Norwegian GMO salmon is widely unknown, but the scientists involved remember it well enough.


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The Norwegian-Canadian GMO-link

Was the genetic modification of growth properties of salmon, conducted in Norway during the 1980s, a foundation for AquaBounty’s development of the fast-growing salmon AquAdvantage?

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Genomics - the high-tech we love to hate

If the salmon in the freezer counter comes with five times the omega three content, half the CO2 footprint of its competitors and half the price per kilo, will it then end up in the shopping trolley?

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If sea lice will be a challenge for fish farmers forever, can we learn how to live with it?

The billion dollar question i salmon farming is to develop a sustainable sea lice solution. Resistance in the louse against medical treatments is the biggest challenge.

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How free salmon licences became high value on the London Stock Exchange

Investments in genetic breeding technology boost values for some marine entrepreneurs, following  Benchmark Holdings’ heavy shopping of tilapia and salmon breeding programs in the US, Iceland and Norway.

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Feed production in the Mekong Delta: "Aquaculture Now!"

Join Blue Frontier Magazine´s reporter Øyvind Sveen on a tour in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, where EWOS runs a brand new fish feed factory.  Led by Morten Borge, Managing Director of EWOS Vietnam.

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The cousins behind the new global marine investment fund

The new blue investment fund, launched in february 2015 by Holbergfondene, was initiated by three cousins - one fund manager, one professor and one fishing vessel owner. Starting off with NOK 100 million investment and aiming at a multi billion portifolio, the fund is named “Holberg Triton” after the son of the Greek sea god Poseidon.

Check out Triton's presentation here!

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