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Q&A with Øystein Lie: Flying like an albatross, never landing!

After three years working as faculty dean occupied with shaping the new Norwegian University of Life Sciences NMBU, professor Øystein Lie once again leaves academia to explore the blue economy  as an impact player.  The entrepreneur, innovator, networker and businessman will do like the albatross. Flying and never landing.

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Marine Sector Challenges, Opportunities and Solutions: Major issues stay the same

Aquaculture is our response to the bio-economy paradigm shift. Academia and business continues to deal with the challenges and opportunities.  Examples of new solutions are plentiful -follow our links!

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Scaling of bio-marine resources

The marine sector is currently, and since several decades, the fastest growing field supply of food and bio products but still contributing approx. 1/50 of the terrestrial based food supply, only.

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Why should a government invest in an aquaculture company?

Probably  better if the government did use the money invested in Cermaq different.

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Q&A: A terrible draw-back from EU on biomarine resources!

Pierre Erwes, is the founder of BioMarine and in charge of the annual global conference BioMarine Business Convention.  This year the meeting is held in Cascais, Portugal.

According to Mr. Erwes the biomarine field has two main challenges for reaching a sustainable future:  The business to consumer relationship and the governance of biomarine resources. In this Q&A Erwes totally disagrees with the message from the EU Commission in Brussels - the governance collapses.

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Can microalgae from Brazil make salmon farming sustainable?

MICROALGAE - Brazil is one of the most relevant countries to produce microalgae as an alternative to soy in fish feed.

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Core components in marine innovation

The global umbrella-organization BICA, will aim at upgrading and creating new common denominators to existing networks and clusters, writes Øystein Lie.  

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Expanding rapidly our marine understanding

Early results of metagenomic studies attest to the bio-diversity of marine bioresources, revealing them to be a significant source of new biological and chemical processes and products from which new bioactive compounds can be isolated, modeled or created, says Rachael Ritchie, OECD.

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Grow the fish; slow and with love.

BFM-INTERVIEW:  The aquaculture industry has tremendous potential for playing an active part in the future food supply. The dangers lies in not respecting what consumers and neighbours want, warns Lara Barazi-Yeroulanos, CEO of Kefalonia Fisheries.

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