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[press release] Blue Revolution Center will contribute at developing sustainable marine aquaculture in exposed water.




Main Objective

This will be achieved through a holistic multidisciplinary approach (technology, biology and operation) in full scale experimental format.

It is a prerequisite that the experiments are carried out in industrial scale to ensure that all relevant parameters (technological, biological, environmental) are recorded under realistic conditions. This will ensure the relevance of the R&D and the accompanying innovations and solutions.



The establishment of BRC is a collaboration between:

• SINTEF Ocean

• Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

• Marine Harvest Norway


The center will establish a national R&D infrastructure for the development of exposed mare culture with focus on integrated R&D in the main fields:

• Technology/engineering

• Production biology with emphasis on fish health and fish welfare

• Fish farming operations


The main motif for BRC is the defined needs of the sector to have access to a holistic large scale realistic R&D aiming at developing sustainable fish farming in exposed locations. The multidisciplinary approach (technology, biology and operations) is a necessary response to the increased complexity linked with the realization of sustainable upscaling of the fish farming industry.

A common goal is to develop the sector manifold the current format. This can only be achieved through sustainable solutions.

The described BRC proposal with its multidisciplinary R&D and accompanying solutions might hence be a significant contrition to reach this goal.


Systems challenges require systems solutions. BRC may have the solutions.

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